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Tried & True: The Original White River Zig Jig Fishing Lure

Developed in the trout-rich state of Arkansas, Zig Jigs have not only been used successfully in the world famous White and North Fork River, but all over the country. From professionals to beginners, these jigs provide a winning solution. In the lakes and streams across the continent, these jigs lure in walleye, crappie, smallmouth, and largemouth bass.

The unique action of the White River Zig Jig drives fish crazy. We have fished these for the last 22 years and through thousands of hours of trial and error, we have developed colors and color combos for jigs that offer you success.

ZigJig trout fishing lures Northwest Arkansas

The ZigJig System

The action of the Zig Jig is unequaled in its ability to attract and catch fish. Unlike round or symmetrical shaped heads which fall straight down, the offset shape of the Zig Jig head creates a zig-zag, back and forth action as it falls. This unique action keeps the Zig Jig in the strike zone longer and gives the illusion of wounded prey, which drives fish crazy. The Zig Jig is a hand-tied marabou jig with a powder-coated head and a very sharp, extra strong hook.